PINOCCHIO’s Best Breakfasts in the Desert!

Come try one of our infamous PINOCCHIO Breakfasts!
We have everything from traditional favorites like Bacon & Eggs, to Eggs Benedict, Omelettes, French Toast , Waffles, Pancakes and lots more. Many items come with our famous Pinocchios breakfast potatoes, or cottage cheese, or sliced tomato! Plus choice of toast, butter & preserves. And don’t forget to wash it down with a large Bloody Mary cocktail or our infamous Bottomless Champage! We look forward to welcoming you. @PinocchioPS #BestBreakfast #BaconAndEggs #EggsBenedict #Omelettes #FrenchToast #Pancakes #DelicousBreakfast #BestBloodyMarys #BottomlessChampagne

Pinocchio's Famous Breakfasts!
Pinocchio’s Famous Breakfasts!

Come enjoy a BLOODY MARY good time!

Come enjoy the best BLOODY MARY in Palm Springs!
A Bloody Mary cocktail with Breakfast or Lunch is part of our tradition in Palm Springs and contains; vodka, tomato juice, and combinations of other spices and flavorings with a garnish of celery, plump olives, and fresh lemon and/or celery salt. @PinocchioPS #BloodyMary #BloodyMaryBrunch #BestBloodyMary #HangOverCure #IconicBrunchStaple #Vodka

Come enjoy a BLOOD MARY good time!
Classic Pinocchio Bloody Mary