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Best Bloody Mary – a Bloody Mary is a drink consisting of vodka and seasoned tomato juice, and various spices such as Horseradish, Tabasco Sauce, Black Pepper, Celery Salt. It supposedly derived its name from Queen Mary, the English queen who had almost 300 disagreeing religious people burned at the stake, due to this, many called her “Bloody Mary”, and with the drink looking very bloody, hence the name was adopted for this drink. Pinocchio’s has the biggest and best Bloody Mary’s in Palm Springs.

PINOCCHIO’s Best Breakfasts in the Desert!

Come try one of our infamous PINOCCHIO Breakfasts!
We have everything from traditional favorites like Bacon & Eggs, to Eggs Benedict, Omelettes, French Toast , Waffles, Pancakes and lots more. Many items come with our famous Pinocchios breakfast potatoes, or cottage cheese, or sliced tomato! Plus choice of toast, butter & preserves. And don’t forget to wash it down with a large Bloody Mary cocktail or our infamous Bottomless Champage! We look forward to welcoming you.
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Pinocchio's Famous Breakfasts!
Pinocchio’s Famous Breakfasts!

Featured Item: BLOODY MARY

Come enjoy the best BLOODY MARY in Palm Springs!
A Bloody Mary cocktail with Breakfast or Lunch is part of our tradition in Palm Springs and contains; vodka, tomato juice, and combinations of other spices and flavorings with a garnish of celery, plump olives, and fresh lemon and/or celery salt.
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Classic Pinocchio Bloody Mary
Classic Pinocchio Bloody Mary